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Launch of Destination Deals

2006.04.10 is the official website for around 5,000 independent properties in more than 1,800 cities around the globe. At, you cut through the clutter of high-volume travel Websites and get fast, easy access to the information you need to select a unique lodging destination. More than 30 search options let you pinpoint the perfect combination of amenities—so you always choose from hotels with the exact services you're looking for.

Hotelbook wanted to introduce "Destination Deals", a new section of the site where they could offer travelers great hotel deals at top destinations by scouring their extensive collection of hotels from around the globe to present travelers with some of the best deals around. The program also had a Search Engine Optimization component in that the top-searched destinations around the world would be represented here in hopes of increasing web traffic to hotelbook as well as online bookings.

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