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2008.02.01 is the premier website award site that names the top 50 businesses in a wide variety of categories while setting the standard ofexcellence for each category. believes it is important to recognize a business’s extraordinary achievements while creating both a resource for people seeking the best in any given category, and providing an internet marketing opportunity for award winners. The website establishes a benchmark by which all businesses can be judged. The ratings system defines what small businesses and big corporations alike should strive for in their efforts. These historical results are now used to provide a point of reference and feedback to all professionals who enter.

Armed with a fantastic URL and little else, the client wanted a site that would generate a large amount of traffic from which they can build revenue from online advertising. They wanted a brand that would feel well established and as if it’s been around for decades. It should appear professional and prestigious to web visitors while giving raked businesses a sense of accomplishment for their recognition – so much so that they’d publish the “” award graphic on their site and link to their business profile at

Stickstone set the direction for all the possibilities the URL has to offer. By doing extensive brand research based on attributes such as prestige, class, and authority, we established a color palette that reflected these brand attributes (red, black, gold), and complimentary font families that fell in line with the brand (OliJo, Geneva, Arial). The layout utilizes white space like an established publication and is extremely easy to read. The combination of fonts and color compliment the layout and create a visual path for the web visitor. We created a simple interactive navigation for browsing categories and sub categories that works very similar to navigating an iPod.  Finally a web badge of honor was created for recipients of the award to publish on their sites that will link back to and invariably drive an immense amount of traffic.

Technology Used:
W3C valid XHTML & CSS, PHP, Ajax, Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress CMS

Creative Direction, GUI and Design provided by Stickstone Design, Web Development provided by

Please note: The client has since maintained the site themselves and may no longer be in the same state it was originally provided. As a result, the site may not look the same as intended and the code (XHTML & CSS) may no longer validate as it had at the time of launch.

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